my name is sania risha mondal.i am from st. thomas girls school.our school conducts interschool table tennis tournament every year.
just like every year , this tear also our school conducted the interhouse table tennis tournament.many school had participated in this tournament.

some of the schools were st. pauls boarding and day school , st. teresas school and many other schools.the members of the swapt club were in charge of training the girls who were participating from our school.
the tournament was very thrilling.but finally our school won and there was a function organised by the swapt club to celebrate our victory.
Interschool table tennis tournament - (Your name) Along with studies, its always nice to have a bit of sports and competition in school life. A few days back, our school conducted an interschool table tennis tournament inviting many other schools to participate with us in our school. 27 schools participated and it was very tough competition indeed. The tournament lasted for about a month before the winner was finally declared. There was skill and talent in all of the players which was achieved by alot of training given by their respective schools. The audience was encouraging and was equally involved in the game as the participants. The winner would get a shining golden trophy for their achievement along with the admiration and appraisal of their peers and teachers. Out of around 50 players only one could triumph. After days of games, cheering and fun the winner was announced. The winner was from our schooland we were proud of that. Not just the students, the teachers too will be looking forward to another school meet like this