A lady went shopping and spent half of what she had on buying hankies and gave a rupee to a beggar waiting outside the shop.she spent half of what was left on a lunch and followed that up with a two rupee tip.she spent half of the remaining amount on a book and three rupees on bus fare.when she reached home ,she found that she had exactly one rupee left.how much money did she start with?



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Let the Lady start with Rs M.

Remaining after buying Hankies = Rs M/2       Beggar = Rs 1
Remaining = Rs M/2 - 1

Remaining after Lunch = Rs M/4 - 0.50                Tip = Rs 2
Remaining = Rs M/4 - 0.50 - 2 = Rs M/4 - 2.50

Remaining after buying Book = Rs M/8 - 1.25          Bus fare = Rs 3
Remaining = Rs M/8 - 1.25 - 3 = Rs M/8 - 4.25  = Rs 1

Hence, M/8 = 5.25

M = She started with Rs 42.

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