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1.During the natural calamities like floods and cyclones government plays a major role in that situation.
2. The government helps the people by providing them shelter,food etc. which are basic needs of every human being.
3.The government send the army to resque the people.
4.Sometime the resque o[eration is done with the help of helicopter.
5.Sometimes government provides them employment or any work
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The role of the government is to protect people against the natural calamities like floods, cyclones, famines, etc. The floods occur in India some part or the other every two years. Government officials are now able to plan and execute properly their responsibilities during floods.

First of all, government warns people in the localities through media (TV, newspaper etc). They evacuate people from low altitude areas (low lying areas) to a safer location nearby. They provide food and shelter for a week or so. Officials, army or navy fly in helicopters around the affected areas to check if any people are stuck in floods. They save some persons from drowning. They to supply medicines so that diseases do not spread. Communication with the people is maintained by telephones.

When the floods subside, the people are shifted back to their localities. Government may assess damage due to floods and cyclones, and give concessions to the people on loans. Government may give some financial help to people to restart their lives.

During the recent floods at uttaranchal, the people had been cared for. During the cyclones in the coasts of Orissa and AP, also government had taken relevant steps in a good way.

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