Hot, moist wind from Sahara'-haramattan
Hot dry wind from West Africa-Loo
Hot, dry wind in the rockies (Snow Eater)-Foehn
Hot dry wind in the alps-Khamsin
Hot dry wind in Eygpt-Sirocco

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Chinook : Hot,dry wind in Rockies, also called ‘Snow Eater’ 
Foehn : Hot, dry wind in the Alps 
Khamsin : Hot, dry wind in Egypt
Sirocco : Hot, moist wind from Sahara to Mediterranean Sea
Solano : Hot, moist wind from Sahara towards Iberian Peninsula 
Harmattan : Hot, dry wind blowing outward from the interior of West Africa, also called Guinea Doctor
Bora : Cold, dry wind blowing outwards from Hungary to the North of Italy (near Adriatic Sea)
Mistral : Very cold wind, which blows from the Alps over France
Punas : Cold, dry wind blowing down towards the western side of Andes
Blizzard : Very cold winds in Tundra.
Purga : Cold wind in Russian Tundra.
Levanter : Cold wind in Spain.
Norwester : Hot wind in New Zealand
Santa AnaHot wind in South California in USA
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