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Today in this 21st century we humans have conquered almost everything in this world...we are aware about when a birth - death take place..whe are known about even the things which are million light years away from us...we are able to control a machine which is almost far away from our galaxy..nd so on...the one and only answer to these abilities are our knowledge in science. We are well developed ones now, we are able to overcome the physical disabilities of us. These all happened due to science. 
                                    From the beginning of this earth, it's natural components,even life,we could find the presence of science, In this modern era, we educated ones can only believe that whatever that have originated in this whole earth, universe, even the whole galaxies which we cant count up on, are only due to science and not on the power of the almighty. 
                                                                       And if there is problem ..the only solution to it is the science. We can make answers to every problems with the help of that. When Newton examined the falling of apple from tree towards ground, we became aware about gravitational force. Lke him other geniuses like einstein, c v raman, galileo..all others told us about what we see today. Because...they were aware about science. 
                                   Today in this modern world, we are facing a lot of problems. Water scarcity, global warming, Green house effect, Increasing temperature, Deforestation , Food scarcity,Increased these there are a lot of problems which are existing today. We should try to approach them all with the help of science. Today, oxygen has been made in laboratory. Population controlling things are developed today. With the help of science we could make high yielding varieties of crops. Tissue culture, hybrid varieties all are modern science in agriculture. We are able to produce cooking gas from biowastes. Even the very threat to humans-plastic can be easily controlled using scientific methods
                                Now the latest news is about the presence of earth like planets in other galaxies. If we get more information about that, we can easily reach to the secret about life. And if stephen hawking could make a time machine from his latest findings, we could go to past  and could save a lot of endagered species. Even we can go and find the secrets about the formation of earth. 
   So there are still a lot of opportunities available in this world in the field of science. When being next generation we are responsible to make studies in various fields. If we could extract the enzyme present in lizards which degenerates it's lost tail , and if we could try that in humans, we will be able to regain the lost parts of body. Like these, we are able to find a lot of things apart. Next world depends on science. Science can only save us from all present problems. So rum behind science, catch all the possibilities and provide that for human welfare. Beware, science can be the reason for our extinction. Findings regarding atoms bombs are a well example for that. We can also make a bomb which can destroy the whole humans on earth. So always use science for the welfare of people.