we need education in every step of our life.we all go to school , collages and universities to gain educaton.
education imparts knowledge.
to gain this knowledge we go to tuitions for extra guidence.
some parents are still there in this world who thinks that girls does not need this knowledge but this is absolutely wrong.
they shoud also be given the equal oppurtunity to gain education.
we need education to get good jobs.
these jobs are done by us to get money to survive in this world.
we can use this knowledge to make our world more advanced.
this advancement will make our future more smooth and free from problems.
Education opens up our minds and makes us broadminded.It is responsible for the economic, social, and political growth and development of society in general.Education imparts knowledge whereby making discoveries and implementing them for the betterment of the society becomes possible.The importance of education as a concept needs to be instilled in children from an early age.Education doesn't mean any bookish knowledge.
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Education - a necessary friend in our you would be thinking why i have said education as a friend...? it is because education is like a a friend always help us in tough condition,same as is a treasure which can be stolen by no will help us in every moment of our not only help us to get job,but also for the welfare of our society.

education help us to grow,to enhance to stand in every turn of our open our minds,it increases our ability in all the setcions like art,culture and even in is useful for the development of our country: "PADEGA INDIA TABHI TO BADEGA INDIA".indian government is always trying to increase he desire for studying.there are school which gives free uniform,education and food.(mid-day meal) so that each indian can study.

so lets unite our hand and promise that we all will do our best to make our nation proud of us.!

thank you!