almost all of us have the talent of creativity.
but it is very sad to know that many of us cannot show our creativity power to others.
we can impress others by making various types of cards on special occasions.
we can contribute in making our classes more beautiful by making charts on various topics.
we can share our feelings without opening our mouth but only drawing what we are feeling.drawing and craft work also keeps us  and our mind active.
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                             ART AND CRAFT
As we all know tht art has become an important part of our and craft not only represents our culture but help us to learn new and different attractive things.
have you ever thought that when the britishers or foreigners come to our country ,then why they always left a good remark for our society and culture?
who tells them about our rich heritage and culture? of course its the art and craft .
thus from the above points we can observe that art is not only a subject but even plays an important role in representing our nation.even with it we can share our feeling by an attractive way which would impress the people.
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