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Some decades ago, many people in India were a lot poorer than today. There was hunger, unemployment, diseases, chaos, selfishness, exploitation of poor and helplessness by the rich and powerful people. In those days many children did not go to schools. They had to earn money to live and eat.   Nowadays, the people have grown financially. They send their children to schools. Government and voluntary organizations help them study in schools. There are many hostels for the children who do not have any one to look after them.

Children are able to think beyond hunger. So children are more crime free. They are thinking of good habits, morals, progress, learning, knowledge etc. They are being imparted good physical and mental skills. So automatically, the intention of children to do mischief, to commit theft, to steal, to kill and to lie, are reduced. They become crime free and grow as good citizens.
  There are good schools separately for those children who have committed crimes due to several reasons. They teach them good morals and enable them to grow as normal citizens.  

The opportunities to develop self are available to many children and they are striving towards that. But unfortunately, the intention to gain over others by some illegal means is still present in many children. This is creating crime ridden children. It is not due to hunger they are committing crimes. They want to gain without working or want to benefit more than others by cheating or killing.

Parents are taking good care of their children nowadays, and are imparting good discipline.

Crime free children are the pride of the country.