Fashion.. fashion is a statement it is not only for people who are well dressed, who have a fashion sense or who can make-up well fashion is for those people who can talk smartly stand smartly. Of course being fashionable itself is a wonderful thing but if you have a dressing sense and are smart enough everybody will like you...but if we move to fashion then it's not only that fair people can be fashionable their are 100s of people who are dark skinned and are extremely fashionable. Fashion is a Passion. I have copied my own answer...
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fashion is something which tells us know what the person thinks.
what a sense the person has.
fashion is not only related to what type of dress u are wearing instead it is also related to the type of acccessories and makeup u are wearing.
there are many types of fashion.
these types can also be called as the categories of fashion.
some of them are casual , official , wedding etc.
we all do not have the correct sense of fashion.
we should learn something from those who have the sense of fashion.
fashion helps us to express our talent of fashion.
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