Though we live in modern but still it is said by old people not to do crertain taks. Like not to throw garbage out og house at eve,etc..etc. We shouldn't encourage them but still it has much importance like education in our  world. I don;t know why but still the reason behind that is belived that during eve we will take away our good luck,prosperity of our house.
there is a practical reason behind this belief, in the earlier time there was not a better arrangement of light ( cfl , bulb, tube light, etc) , if smone use broom at evening or at night , he/she may throw any valuable household item in garbage , by mistake , due to poor light condition
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may be,,, i m not much sure,,,
You gave pratical reason oh! that sem good but real reason are also there on which i don't trust.
always a balanced view ,, honest consideration is required ,,,,, while thinking about a trend , a belief, a custom
They feel that laxmi or godess will enter our house to bring prosperity