Art - dance, music, drawing, painting, sketching, coloring, singing, cooking, riding, etc everything is art. Every form of art is a way to express one's feeling, or say something, etc..........
            for me art i drawing.....
Uses:- It is used to express our ideas , dreams, on a sheet of paper. This helps us to have a quick brain.
          It is useful as it makes us creative.
          it is believed that people who are good in art have a good status of mind and have everything under control.
          It helps us to have a calm mind.
          It is believed that the ones who can draw well can end up having a very pleasing and beautiful hand writing.

well this is what i think....... hope this helps!
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* art generates a  love of learning and creativity
* art develops the whole brain
* art prepare kids for the future
* art teaches problem solving
* art supports emotional intelligence 
* art builds community
* art improves holistic health
* art is big business 
* art awakens the senses 
* arts is eternal
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* art prepare kids for the future
art is a way that a man can express his feeling and send his massage by art.
art is make a man happy