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There are many hot and dry winds that blow around the world
Among them these are a few of them :-
Abroholos- a small frequent wind from may through august between Cabo de Sabo Tome and Cabo Frio on the coast of Brazil
Gregale- north easterly wind from Greece
Bora- north easterly wind from eastern Europe to northeastern Italy
Bayamo- violent wind on Cuba's southern coast
Helm wind- north easterly wind in Cumbria England
Loo- hot wind which blows over the plains of India and Pakistan
Bentu de Soli- an east wind on the coast of Sardinia.
Nigeq- strong wind from the east in Greenland
Cape Doctor- strong south east wind which blows on the South African coast.
Ostro- southerly wind in the Mediterranean

hope these will help you.

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