My favourite author is JK Rowling.  She has written the Harry Potter series.  She puts everything she writes amazingly... She a young and Iives In the UK. . I admire her for her style of writing...

One of my favourite authors is Roald Dahl. He has written many famous bestselling books like charlie and the chocolate factory, matilda,the witches ,the twits,the BFG,etc. In all his books he so briefly describes a situation that u can almost see it in front of your eyes. He makes his novels funny by making his own words. The stories are so hard to predict with a twist and turnsand secrets that u cant take ur eyes off the book. I remember I read the 'charlie and.....' in only 4 days which was very exceptional as I was only 9 then. His story plots are also very simple to understand. He mixes fantasy , humour, twists in such a way that it creates a very remarkable delicacie. His one of the greatest authors mankind will have. : )