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Main points:
1.Parents become beggars, they take big loans from others
2.Women becomes mentally affected by the rejections due to need of big dowry amounts
3.Sometimes the depression of rejection leads women to suicide and also if the family members cannot bear the marriage problems of their daughter they also end their life to get free from this burden
4.Women who is rejected by so many due to dowry looses self-confidence and self-respect
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1.The family of the groom gets financial support.
2.The bride will be valued for the dowry (this kind of value does not means to anyone but still this point will work to gain marks) 3.It can also protect brides from harrasment

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Dowry and its disadvantages:
A girl has many dreams of her future partner, That he may be good or not.
Dowry crushes all the dreams of a poor girl.
Parents of boy spend their money for their son and they wanted it to regain from the girl that comes to their house.
Some parents are really selfish.
They don't have ideas of hardwork.
They need to lead a happy life on others money.
but the family of that girl faces a great depression and it leads to suicide in extreme cases.
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