Nature is any thing which we see in our surroundings. the beautiful trees and fresh air the swaying flowers or singing birds. the green grass and blue sky all is nature. but are caring for it nature give us oxygen so that we can live but are we allowing nature to live. it provides us with juicy fruits and clear water. wasting nature is like wasting our life. nature is the pride nature is the major component of our life so why yo waste nature????
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mar it best plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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1.Nature is very precious for us.
2.the nature is derived from the Latin word natura which literally means birth.
3.It consist of geology and wildlife.
4.we get many things from nature.
5.plants gives us medicines, wood,fruits,vegetables,rubber,cotton etc and most importantly they take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen into the environment which is very important for for survival.
6.we also get water to drink.
7.we can get tension free by seeing the beauty of nature.
8.Also we get food items from wildlife like milk,egg,meat etc.
9.All life is dependent on nature.
10.So we take to conserve nature and make sure not to harm it.

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