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Animals have so much to offer us, however we mistreat them. This is not correct. Nature treats all as equal but humans consider themselves to be superior which is why for generations animals have suffered...Animals are poached and used worldwide, they are helpless... We must, in fact try to protect them...It is true, we have done wrong to animals and we are guilty towards them....
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We human beings use the animals rather in an unjustified manner and in a manner that always benefits us.

We grow them, we make them work and when they cannot do any work any more, we kill them. They do not have a retired life. We use them for many scientific experiments mercilessly. We use some of them as pets and treat them nicely in general. We cut their forests and drive the wild animals to different locations. Some of the animals are getting extinct too. We use many animals in movies and they are made to suffer in fighting scenes.

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