environment is the place in which we live.

it consists of the lithosphere , hydrosphere , atmosphere and biosphere.

we live in this environment in peace.

this environment has been great polluted these days.

the different types of pollution are air pollution , land pollution and water pollution.

we are also being effected because of this pollution caused by the human beings.

we should take steps to make our environment clean and free from pollution.

we will be greatly benifited by these steps.
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Environment, When we talk about environment our mind fills with nature, birds, trees,insects,oxygen,fruits and many more our mind we know how useful environment is...but the disaster human beings are doing to nature is also in our mind....not only human beings but machines, carbon dioxide..all of these are the bad side of environment these are both harmful too nature and humans until humans will change the system...humans will change their dreadful mind, humans will be a bit kind....where was I??, yes the bad side has finished but what about the good side people who are growing more trees hats off to them!!!!!! please help us to change the environment..
                                  THANK YOU!!

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