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Communism include creating an internally stable economy system and it helps build stronger social community. Also in a communism system women have equal opportunity and are treated no differently than men and health care is offered by the state.First of all, communism means power, no matter what it's used for.Then, communism means control, or knowing and handling. We know what will happen then and if sth unexpected happens we are able to deal with it. Market is a thing based on lack of information, the gap between the rich and the poor and limited resources which can only be used in particular ways. In acapitalism society you may lose or get everything before becoming aware of it.
There are still many but I find it a little hard to express it clearly, as it needs many a book. In brief, advantages of communism are basically associated with "group".
so it is useful even in the present society
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Communist ideas are useful in a country where people are very poor. There are extremely rich and poor people together. Where there is a strong possibility of some rich exploiting a lot of poor people and where people do not have sufficient work and not very well educated. There are some disadvantages of communism. But communism if practiced properly and evolved to changing times, then it works good, as it has done in China and in other countries. In democracy or capitalism, exploitation of poor by rich happens. Influential people grow a lot at the expense of small entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Communism are:

Communism is a political ideology which is criticized by a large part of the world. Russia, Korea, Cuba, China have implemented that philosophy. In communistic way of ruling, the following are the principles that are supposed to benefit people. All people are equal in the eyes of government. Everyone has a right to job. Government provides stable governance. There is no instability. People have to work to earn. The laws are intended to building a stronger economy and harmonious sharing of national resources.
  Communism expects that the corruption is minimum.

Goals of the state are above the goals of the individual. If this is honored then a harmonic economic development is possible. There is no competitive market. Benefits go to the government and redistributed among people. Sense of cooperation is essential among people above the sense of selfishness, especially among the entrepreneurs. For good utilization of natural resources communism is a better way.

There is a restriction of ownership of properties by individuals. Production is controlled by the state. People often do not have many choices to pursue anything they want. This benefits larger mankind and prevents exploitation by some individuals to grow too rich. The state looks after the medical needs, recreational facilities and education for all. Employment of people is given importance.  Communism promises equality for women in law and gives them special status.

As long as people live in one ideology, group together for the common goal, the intended benefits can be realized. But due to the attraction of people towards democratic counties, could damage the belief in people on their own country’s methodology. If communism evolves in time, then communism can serve people very well.

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