Father : Well-done, my son. I am very glad that you have done well. But here is a parting of the ways.                        You  must decide which way you will proceed.

Son     : Yes, I will act up to your advice.

Father : But I want to know your mind first.

Son     : I want to be a Doctor, If you agree.

Father : Yes , it is very noble profession. But have you thought over the hard labour it will mean?

Son     : Yes, Father. I will consider no work too hard for me in a profession that offers me so ample
            opportunities for doing good to others.

Father : That is very good . I agree with you whole heartedly. But I advise you to read very carefully for the               later course of study.

Son    : Yes, father. I shell study science in a college and then try me best to get admitted in                                       a   medical   college  to study there.

Father : Well go ahead my boy! Allah will be with you.

Son    : Thank you . Father.
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