father: come lets watch a movie

son: no we can't as the power is cut from 3-4 hours

son: I can't even study

father: this power cut is such a hectic

son: why don't u and ur friendz complain???

father: they will just argue

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When son is watching T.V and while father is working in computer...
Suddenly, there was a power cut.
Son: My god what is this? Power gone. I am going to miss my favourite show in T.V.
Father: Son, you are going to miss your T.V show but I am going to miss my job. I have to submit this project tomorrow.
Son: What could be done to top this father?
Father: Our chief minister should take electricity from solar then we will have no power failure.
Son: Dad, we have to complain about this to our chief minister.
Father: It's a good idea. We should tell to our area people and we all should complain. We could not be happy if there are more power cut. Officers like me will suffer a lot. We should complain.
Son: Yes dad! First you get a excuse from your boss that you could not submit the project tomorrow.
Father: Yes and then we have to complain.

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