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father:hello son! you r back.
son :yes dad! it was great day in school and we friends have decided for a party tonight.
father: but i think you have a test tomorrow.will u not prepare for it.
son :yes dad i have a test tmr and i m gonna prepare it now.

(suddenly there was power-cut)
son:dad whats this???
father: dont u know that there will be a power cut today for 4 hrs.
son:4 hrs!dad what r u cant be will i prepare for my test.
father:you have to postpone ur party dear sone!!
son:i also think this dad!ok dad i will cope up but this has become a problem of everyday.
father:yes son ! but we cant do anything.but study for ur xams well.
son :yes dad! i will
father: yeah my child.that's like my cool and good boy.
thank you!
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There was a area which often goes with electricity problems. In this area lived a family. One day, when the son was playing video game and while hiis father was busily working in his computer there was a power cut.

Oh oh oh! What is this. Power. Gone. I was in the last stage of this game and was going to win but this power has gone. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Oh my god. I was busily working in my computer. This is a very important project given to me. I have to submit this by tomorrow. If I completed this successfully I will get a promotion. But this power has gone.

Dad, Is ther anu way to solve this problem?
Father: Yes! We have to complain about this to our chief minister.

Then, dad you gather your friends and write a complaint.

You are right. My first work is to complain.

The father complained and everything was alright.

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Who is that chief minister?....ur narration is Nice :)
It's just a incident which happens in good state.