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India Gandhi was a good political administrator. She was a patriotic leader who participated in the freedom fight. She faced a lot of opposition from within the country. She had followed the philosophies of Indian National Congress from the time of independence.

She tried to keep the western influence away and had supported indigenous
development of technology. She supported development of poor people. There was a mistake of emergency and she suffered for it unfortunately.

She fought bravely against various oppositions to her policies. She was adamant. She was also involved in helping Bangladesh liberate from Pakistan. She was helpful and maintained good relations with Pakistan, Russia and USA. She was  a prominent supporter of non-aligned movement.

She was brave in ordering operation blue-star when terrorists gathered in Golden temple in Amritsar.

Unfortunately she had seen bad developments in her family and she herself had fallen prey to angry terrorists.

She raised the prestige of India in the eyes of UNO, the third world countries and the developed nations.

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