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Adventure ia ery intresting and unusual experiance . some of them live ony to do adventures.adventures may be bold and risky.adventure helps the people to build their self confidence.adventure plays a crucial role many sports .now a days not only men women also performing many some adventure yhere may be a lose of life also.dont try the adventures which were performed in cinemas .

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don't you think that enjoying by taking risks is interesting.....?? yes of course it is! 

Adventure means a lot in our life because it fills our life with joy,enthusiasm and great energy.all day studying , working gives a boring feeling but little bit enjoyment by taking risks is just superb! mountain climbing,rafting etc.are some of the adventurous sports.

adventure is good but it should be done with  a great should take training before doing one should be aware about its other side even. at last i want to say that adventure is very important.we want little bit fun also !!!! so ONLY WORK NO PLAY,MAKES JACK A DULL at the time of studies and play at the time of playing.

thank you!!
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