Father:son you have to choose a career which you like.

son:papa i will choose the one which is succesful and the one which i like

.father:yes son it is your have to decide it.

son :yes papa i need time to choose it.

father:yes,son you take your own time,because it is a life time decision.
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father: hey son!
son:hi dad! u know today our teacher said us to think upon for our carrer.
father:yes son u should.u r growing up now and this is ur final year .
son:yes dad!
father:well wat u want to be......
son:dad u tell wat u want me to do in my life ....m gonna fulfill ur wish
father:son ! u should do the work of ur choice bt at last i want you to be a good person.
son:ok dad i want to be a engineer and i want to qualify iit.
father: that's great .....u want to qualify IIT i am proud of u son!!!
son :thank you dad...and even i want to study in iit kanpur.
father:that's good son but for that u need to study .
son: yes dad,u r right m going for study u at night till then m going to study.....
father: ok son !!go on fulfill ur dream.....
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