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Father -GOOD MORNING DEAR SON!how are you?
SON- good morning papa! i am fine!
Father- you would be feeling hungry. So lets first do our breakfast
Son - yes papa!
they both sit on the table and start eating there breakfast.
Father- So son i want to ask you today what do you want to become when you grow up?
Son- Papa i want to become social worker when i grow up. 
Father- What is the reason behind it ? There are so many works.
Son- Papa , i want to be social worker and work for the freedom of Dalits and shedulecast people. I want to serve the people of my country when I grow up. 
Father- Thats fantastic . Your love for your country is very good. i bless u my child . and hope that you would make your nation proud of you.
Son - thanks papa. I promise i will do some work that would make the whole nation proud of me.

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i dont think my answer is more better than her . if it helped then thanks