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QBE- QBE stands for " Query by example" QBE is a feature included various database applications that provides a user-friendly method of running database queries.
After you add the tables to your query a field list for each table appears in the upper half of the query's design window. The lower half of the window is known as the Query By Example(QBE) grid.
For example you sort an address  by last name but you have already combined first and last name as an expression in a separate QBE row you might choose not to show the last name field.
criteria cells indicated how you limit the search for the field in question you can place criteria on each field being should remember that the selection process will follow the criteria from left to right on the QBE grid and that this may change the results of your query.

OLE- OLE stands for "Object Linking and Embedding" if you are feeling Spanish.OLE is a framework developed by microsoft that allows you to take objects from a document in one application and place them in another.
For example OLE may allow you to move an image from a photo editing program into a word processing document.
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