Nowadys indian people are not driving they are doing stunts this is not crazy,they dont know the importance of their life .but this cost their life.they dont follow the traffic rules ,some drink while driving .but government should take action on these topics.a lot of accidents is being caused..we can also reach our destination so carefully but people should co-operate.happy safe drive----life please we can save our lives and not cost others lives,thankyou for giving oppurtunity to convey my message on this topic.this is what causes road accidents and affect other common people also.
Blood on Roads
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Today, many people refuse to follow the rules of roads. This is resulting in increasing road accidents. A few days back, we witnessed the death of famous writer K Krishnamurthy because of careless driving. Many youngsters show off their stunting skills on roads, risking their precious lives and seeking attention. Not only is this dangerous to the person himself, it may cause problems for others on roads too.There are other basic rules people don't follow, such as not taking U-turns, etc. Sometimes, it has to do with practise. Learners, often try real on roads which is also dangerous...  Many times we see that people are driving on bikes without helmets. There are not enough number of policemen to handle this, and it is certainly not their fault. We must all understand our duties to be counted as good citizens of this country. So from today, let us all take a vow to follow basic traffic rules and be good citizens.