Life is a mystery. We go about day by day and for what? Nothing. No one knows what we are here for. The only thing people can do is live and make themselves happy doing so. That is life’s goal, to figure out what makes you truly happy. Rarely do people solve that mystery and even rarer do people ever achieve that happiness. But how would one live if they knew what that happiness was but knew also that it was unachievable? How could someone go on day by day dreading the dismal dawn? People make mistakes but what happens when the things of your past affect the future and what you want? If you know that all you want in life is to be happily married with the two most beautiful children in that house with the white picket fence in the beautiful country by the ocean, how can you be content knowing that the mistakes you have made have turned that dream into just that, a dream. To know that you create your future and that you have control over it, but to also know that what you have done in the past will keep those dreams of your future from ever becoming reality, is pure agony. It is at that point where you realize that all you wanted, everything that was achievable, has become unattainable. What happens then? You move on living a life you will constantly wish was different. But how do you fix those mistakes of your past and repair the broken dreams so that the future you want is still possible.