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DAD: (after returning from office) o my god.What happened ? Why their is no current.
SON:Yes dad.There is no power since afternoon.
DAD:Why the hell did they cut power frequently?
SON: ya dad. I think their should be some problem with the transform.
DAD:ya it might be.but because of this i will not be able to do my office work.
SON:even i can't study for my exam,dad.
DAD:we shall buy an invertar,but how much does it cost.
SON:dad,it costs nearly 40,000 rupees.
DAD:If it would help you we may buy it .
SON:thankyou dad.

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Father :hi
son: hi dad
father:power was not their?
son :not their since 2 pm
father: why?
son : due to semandhrabanndh
father: when they will give?
son : i don't no dad i thick they will give at night .
father: we will keep inverter?
son: yes dad we will keep it dister my studies
father: how much it will be
son :i thick it will 15,000-/
father:solar energy
son:it will 50,000-/
 father : ok we will buy inverter.
son: thank u dad