"Science and Future"

Science has till now surprised us now with many things and will continue to surprise in future also. This is the age of science. Science has changed every field of life as through Science impossible things have become possible.

The biggest thing achieved by Science is that to discover new things as today thousand of things our daily life are gifts of science . The evolution of science is the way of knowing about it more.

But some things are there which all think to have in their life with the help of Science.
Science has paved many ways for new things to come up like changes which can be done in DNA , and also like a person has just to imagine and will reach there where the person was thinking of.

These things look pretty good but as every thing has its advantages and disadvantages.
New tools are good for new discoveries but if they are used for destructive purposes it has become very hard for people to survive .
Gun powder , bombs, nuclear bomb are all inventions of Science which have proved fatal to loves of humans.

Indeed Science has made our life worth living but there are some who are misusing it.
We all know that Science will astound us with many new and great things in future but we should also be ready for the other use of science which is misusing done by humans.
Science Future is very near to us but it matters what we are going to make it either useful or destructive.


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Questions are------
1.What is Science? How it has become useful in our day to day life?
2. Science is a boon or bane . Comment on this.
3. What are the scope of science to discover things in near future?