now-a-days communication is more internet is most important of the communication equeepment . all people are using internet we can now many thinks in internet like news ,politics ,movies ,and unknow things also this an entertainment  for all members now-a-days in every house have internet connection . every student need this all gov offices , banks using very much  in fb we gather many friends , relatives and with communication and we are using online shopping like flipkart,snap deal .....etc.
Now a days internet plays a very important role in every ones life...there are many advantages and also many disadvantages through internet....
human relations before internet are:
they are very close o one another
they share their feelings with each other
they behave in a proper manner
they are introvert by nature
they have time to spend with their family......

but the present position of people is....
they always chat with others...
by this they donot have much more time to speak with others...
not all the people do this...only some of them behave in a different manner
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