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Hi friends i am a cloud who has got separated from its family during a strong wind in indonesia. I want to go back to my family and friends.Is there anybody who can help meĀ find my family.I am lonely, feeling bored,feeling scared because i am not too old.I forgot to tell you a thing my name is cloudy the baby cloud.
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Sumita...this was a good reply but i am looking for a cloud who narrates its life...thamk you so much
Im a cloud in the sky way above all the people of the earth moving where ever i want all alone some time accompanied by my friends rain and thunder if the sky i can see every one and everything but the wind drivers me away in no time i hove no end im eternal beautiful any thing u can call meee.......... Hope u like it
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Sorry i made some spelling mistakes.......
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Its okay...good try...but still not getting the exact answer i want...