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When a radio active element due to its instability of nucleus, it emits alpha particles in the form of rays. An alpha particle consists of 2 protons and 2 neutrons and no electrons. It can be written as α or \alpha^{2+}, He^2+ or  He with 2+ superscript and 2 as subscript.

Ernest Rutherford discovered them. An alpha particle is produced when a helium atom loses its electrons , ie., alpha particle and helium nucleus are same.

It gets attracted towards negative electric charges - anodes. Alpha rays get deflected in an electric field due to coulomb's attraction force between charges.

Alpha rays also get deflected in a magnetic field because magnetism exerts force on moving charges. Alpha particle has 2 positive charges. They do not get attracted toward magnets. They get deflected in a direction perpendicular to the magnetic field. Moving charges produce a magnetic field and that interacts with external magnetic field.

If alpha is moving along a road, magnetic field is acting perpendicular to it across the road, then the force on it is in vertical direction - that is in to the sky. The alpha raises into the sky.
This is specified by Flemming's left hand rule.

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u wrote: Some rays bend towards the negative palte and are called alpha rays alpha. They are made of alpha particles,which are bipositive helium ions(He^2+
it did not answer question completely. u left some part. add ur answer in a complete way now.
sir can u answer my question of simultaneous equations
Alpha particle is same as that of a helium nucleus having 2 protons and 2neutrons. its formed by losing 2 electrons.prottons having +vecharge ,so it get moved towards negative charge