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The technology based gadgets have changed our lives.

It is not the gadgets that make our life more comfortable or worse. It is we that make our life comfortable or worse, by over using or getting addicted to the gadgets. Gadgets make some of our actions simpler, give better accessibility, reduce access time, and make possible some things, not possible otherwise.

If we see too much of TV and music players it is not good, we interact less with people.

Use of social sites, mobile phones have increased human relations. They have brought far people together for a purpose. They may increase distance among the near people at home.

Technical gadgets have enabled relatives in foreign countries to be in touch with their relations. Now, families are ready to send their children to distant places due to availability of communication. That is due to gadgets.

Humans are less dependent on other people, as they use gadgets and depend on them more than other people. People have become lazy also.

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