At the close of this 21st century a vast majority of our people are not leading a dignified humanly life. Lots of women in our country are facing insults and is being tortured every second.And we call ourselves free. There are many places of pain in today's world where human dignity is being destroyed.Let's join our hands together ,let's raise our voices against this injustice.Now, to the topic.
                            Rising Road Accidents.
I say that the rising road accidents is solely due to our "carelessness".Many of us don't even care what's happening in the road while driving.All we want is to reach our destination as fast as possible, in the shortest time possible.Seldom do we stop for a lady crossing the road with her child.Seldom do we move aside for a poor old man driving a car with much difficulty.If we start caring for the world around us a little bit..for our fellow beings..the world would indeed become a better place for everyone to live in.

I have just written the important points.Add to it some quotes about caring for others and you'll have an awesome essay for your magazine.!!I hope this artickle has helped you ..Have fun!!!....
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In India the driving has become a crazy activity. There were days when the vehicles were not so many in the urban areas. So people could manage to drive well and reach home safely and without headaches.

Nowadays, the traffic has become too much to tolerate. The traffic jams, parking of vehicles on narrow roads, shops right on platforms and edge of the roads; too many signals at cross roads are all the crazy points about driving in India. It takes 1 hour to travel 10 km during peak hours. Individual vehicle owners try to jump signals, change lanes and overtake other vehicles from left side in order to reach their destination. Many young drivers are hot blooded and drive at high speed as they enjoy that. There are many small streets in to the main roads and people suddenly come in from these streets.

The driving on roads has become dangerous because of open drainage, pits, damaged roads during monsoon season, and flooded roads during heavy rains. Some roads in villages are not strong roads.   It has become a menace for the old people and children to walk along the roads. The buses, cars, trucks, motor cycles, and miscellaneous transport vehicles occupy the road in a haphazard manner and the pedestrians are afraid of these vehicles. We do not know when one vehicle comes and hits one.

People are not giving importance to safe driving, they do not check their vehicles for pollution, and they are not giving enough importance to others' lives. There are many limitations to what one can do. It will take a long time to learn that every one should drive properly. Western countries teach driving to their children at school before they become majors. They have a good system on roads.

Best is to travel by public transport, employ a driver, or choose a place near office, and to live where we don't have to drive far.

All in all, the driving in India is crazy, and it drives India crazy.