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communist ideas are very useful in present world.communism include creating an internally stable economy system and it helps build stronger the esocial community. Also in a communism system women have equal opportunity and are treated no differently than men and health care is offered by the state.First of all, communism means power, no matter what it's used for.Then, communism means control, or knowing and handling. We know what will happen then and if sth unexpected happens we are able to deal with it. Market is a thing based on lack of information, the gap between the rich and the poor and limited resources which can only be used in particular ways. In acapitalism society you may lose or get everything before becoming aware of it.
There are still many but I find it a little hard to express it clearly, as it needs many a book. In brief, advantages of communism are basically associated with "group".
so it is useful even in the present society

hope it helps u

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