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India is made of more of rural areas and less of urban areas. But in the recent few decades, we observe that the rural areas and the professions that people have in rural areas are taking a back step. Rural people are not given sufficient push by the market and administration. Due to calamities like famine and floods people are not having sufficient work and income. So people are migrating to urban and suburban areas to find employment.

This is creating total unbalance in the system. All development is getting concentrated in the urban areas. Urban areas are developing slum areas. Due to heavy concentrations of people, vehicles etc. we have problems of diseases, pollution, traffic, escalation of real estate prices etc.

Relations among people are affected. The traditions of Indian culture are affected badly. People have started running after money, only profitable crops are grown, poor people in villages are neglected. People are turning into labor and workers. This whole change is not good for the country.

Economy has changed its direction. The market related to rural goods productions have come down. Many goods have disappeared from market. Packaged foods, ready made goods, manufactured artificial products have taken place of the products made by rural people. Markets are localized. Prices and inflation is on the rise regularly. Indian agriculture and farmer were once the pride of India. It has taken a back seat now.

The demand and supply patterns of many goods have changed due to the urbanization. Prices in villages have increased as the goods cost the same price in villages and towns. Villagers cannot afford the prices. Villagers were able to produce and consume goods at lower prices when the markets were local. Due to globalization, industrially manufactured goods have made the life of villagers costlier.