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Father: What do you want to become?
Son: I want to become a pop star.
Father:  Why don’t you become to be an engineer?
Son:  No, I want to become a pop star only.
Father: But I will not allow you.
Son: If I will be an engineer, I will be not happy. I will also not work properly and if I will be  pop star then I will be happy.
Father: ------------
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Father : So, dear son, what do you want to become?
Son     :  Dad, I want to become an actor.
Father :  But son, being an actor is not such a good profession. You can choose to                become either doctor, or engineer or a scientist.
Son     :  But Dad, If I become doctor or engineer, I will be only doctor or engineer.                  But if I become actor, I can become all of them. And nowadays actors are                 becoming more famous than any other doctors or engineers.
Father :  It's not like that son, if you become actor, you cannot achieve anything.                    You will just be like some other actors. You cannot become unique.
Son     : Why Dad? Isn't Amitabh  Bachchan unique? 
Father : He may be unique and famous. But how can you guarantee that you can                   act just like Amitabh Bachchan?
Son     : But how will you guarantee that I can become the best doctor or                               engineer? Dad, if i become what I want, then I will be happy. Gandhiji said               that  no work is small or big. It depends on how promptly and happily you                 do that work. Don't you want me to be happy Dad?
Father : Ok son, I think you are right. You become whatever you want. You just do                 the work honestly.
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