Differentiate between embryo and foetus.

Embryo- Zygote divides into balls of cells which are embedded in the uterus.
Foetus- The stage of the offspring where eyes, legs, hands and other body parts and organs are visible
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Differences between foetus and embryo-Foetus is the last stage of baby 's development while embryo is the first stage. Foetus is fully developed and clearly identical as a baby while embryo is just the division 's start of a baby and not clearly identical. Foetus occurs after embryo and embryo occurs before foetus. Embryo is the combination of just two cells while foetus is almost a complete baby.
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but embryo is the the combination of many of the cells not only 2
and what is zygote if embryo is the 1st stage?
Develoving animal in womb of mother is called embroyo.. Where as when this embroyo appearys like human it is called foetus