No.It is not useful in today's world.It will make many changes.
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The Communist ideas Are Very help fll FOr The World.Its Better to Say Socialist ideas than communist.

Socialist Ideas are Well Written.Its Deals With Equality,Faternity,secularism democratic,society....

Capitalist Countries Are Controlled By Private Companies.There is no well written capitalism.Markets competete each other.They make the people greedy and luxurious to buy their product.Thus the people are exploited.Adam Smith Said According to Capitalism Wealthy people Hav The Right To Spent the money their own.

In Socialism Govt Controlles The market The Govt is Elected By The people In other Words People Controlled The Country.Every One Is Satisfied With What The Fight Among the People.

The 2 world War and 3rd pre world war caused Becoz of the competition among capitalist countries.THere U can see for the welfare of the private companies the uses the colonies for slaves and marketing thus the common people are Exploited.

Socialism Emerged From the supressed society from the minds of the people.Socialism is a peom of starvation.This gave strenghth to the people.

At the Present socialism has a great chance.The devoloped countries is losing their position and going back to proverty.As number of town increases the number of slums in creases rapidy.It Create Epidemics.Private companies Concentrate their works only in towns to increase profit.

In Your Question it Filled A millions of meanings.Only the answer u get if you read the 3 volumes of "Das capital" .In Each Line of DAS CAPITal IT contain Milions of Meanings.Good Luck for you.

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