They Mangle the language in America, so you can see their are many different spellings...
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That means- 'a sum', that is, a math.
Actually the reason is that they do not stress upon to talk formally everytime.
Umm... how is maths or mathemathics more formal than math? The true nature of the problem is that versions of language differ in different places and it doesn't mean it's wrong, it's normal. Language, from the linguistic point of view, is a living things. We can't suspect English to be the same i every place, especially now, when every country is using it to some extent.
okay..okay now you people may stop (Ha-Ha)
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For the same reason we write colour in BE (British English) and color in AE (American English). There aren't any deep reasons behind it to be entirely honest. 

It is argued though, that we say maths in BE because the word mathematics is a plural noun itself and therefore, it's abbreviated form should be plural as well. On the other hand though, we usually use the word mathematics as a singular noun. You say: 

Mathematics is my passion.

...instead of...

Mathematics are my passions.

Therefore, it can be quite logical to use the word math as an abbreviation because its usage is in most of the cases, singular. 

For me personally, I believe that it depends on wheter you want to speak British or American, I prefer the first one, so I say maths and write colour ;)


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