We want to know the properties of silicon 
 it is good conductor of electricity 
it exists both metal and non metal properties thats way that silicon is metaliod 
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Silicon is a gray color solid at room temperature with a very high melting point and boiling point and metallic luster. Under normal conditions, its a good conductor of heat, and hence cannot be used to insulate hot objects. All these features make it closer to metals. 
Since the valence shell electronic configuration of silicon is 3s2, 3p2, hence it can readily accept or lose four electrons to get a noble gas configuration. This character gives a non-metallic nature to silicon. Silicon makes a cubic crystal structure after crystallization just like diamonds. Hence silicon is a metalloid with intermediate features.
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silicon has 4 electrons inits outer orbitals and to attain stable state it can donate all its electrons like metal and can also accept electrons like non metals. it has both properties of metal and non metal and it is used as a semiconductor. so it is metalloid or a semi metal.

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