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Actually earth pulls any object with the same acceleration g=9.8 m/s^2
 weight that actually occurs = mxg= force that acted by earth
it means the object which  have heavier mass earth will pull it by more force
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It is not true that every object is pulled by the Earth with the same Force.

A Heavier object is pulled by the Earth with more force and a lighter object is pulled in by the Earth with a smaller force.

Actually the force exerted by the Earth on the object is called the Weight. So if an object is heavier, it means the force is more.

This force of attraction by Earth is called the Gravitational force and Sir Isaac Newton expressed it in terms of masses and distance.

       Gravitational force of attraction = G Me  m / d²  = m g

where G is a constant = 6.67 * 10^-11 N-m²/kg², Me = mass of Earth,  m is mass of an object, d is the distance between center of earth and the object.
        g = acceleration due to gravity of Earth = 9.8 m/sec²

  If an object of mass m is thrown in to air, it comes back to Earth as Earth attracts it with a force of m g. But it travels towards Earth at the same speed as any other object with same acceleration g.

       Actually when we say our weight is 50 kg, we are meaning that our mass is 50 kg, that is the amount of matter inside the body.