A fitness centre will install a square hot tub un 6 m x 6m room. They want the tub ti fill no more than 75% of the rooms area.
a) What is the maximum area of the hot tub?
b) What dimensions, to a tenth of a metre, will the fitness centre order from the manufacturer?Explain.

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Area of room = 6 meter by 6 meter = 36 meter²

Are a of tub is at most = 75% of 36 meter² = 75/100 * 36  = 3/4 * 36 = 27 meter²

The tub is square shaped. So its area is  a² , where a is its length.

a² is 27 meter²

a = √27 meter = 5.196 meters
   = 5.2 meters  after rounding answer to a tenth of a meters.

Length and breadth of bath tub, that fitness center will order from the manufacturer will be 5.2 meters each.