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    SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH: Many times we have listened this quote but do you think that we know its actually meaning. one reads it and then sfter that there is no change ,he again continue to be in the same behavior.IS THIS ONLY HUMAN NATURE??? CANT ANYONE BE ALERT TOWARDS HIS/HER HEALTH.....?Of course one can be! but the thing is that man so not want to change himself ,he want to fulfill all his wishes......

Smoking is injurious as it fills our lungs with toxin chemicals and decreases the breathing capacity of our lungs.due to thid oxygen is not able to reach in our body and it leads to severe effects ,it may also cause death of a only doesn't effect the person who smokes but also the people who surrounds the smoking person. this has become a regular and bad habit in many countries. people travelling in buses and trains smoke nd disturb other people .so lets join our hands and pledge to save our country from this bad habit.

thank you!
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