Fashion doesn't only contains dressing but make up, hair-do etc etc...Aa! It is obviously one of the most famous word for teenager or ladies..ha-ha..but yes fashion is something that must be taken care of. What you wear reflects your personality..too much make-up and too little make-up won't look nice..Fashion is now one of the most trendy thing in this place or should I say universe...But there must be a limit to it until you cross it...There are loads of people who are mad for fashion..yes.. I am using the word ''MAD'' ha-ha but i have heard about a lady whose name I don't remember she was so rich she spent her whole life in a hotel and was so fashionable that she could get a nobel prize for being the most fashionable lady on the whole universe!!!
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Fashion refers to the manner of doing something. Fashion also denotes style, a dress and hair and dealings with others. Among students, the word primarily conveys the sense with regard to ‘dress and hair styles.’
but these days people think fashion is just wearing some dress putting on make up and walking on the ramp that's not true fashion means showing our attitude and confidence to the audience
In crude terms fashion is a style of living. There are aristocratic fashions, film-style fashions, peasant class fashions and a kind of fashion known as maverick fashion. Naturally it is related to dress and manners. But manners imply something deeper than fashions. Because fashion is comparatively superficial, and changes with the winds of change in certain races and people.

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