Evaluation of the Vietnamese War from the Point of View of a Porter on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The US-Vietnamese War proved quite disastrous both for the US and Vietnam. The Vietnamese people had to suffer a lot. Many villages were destroyed and they were killed in thousands. But even then they did not give us and had the courage to carry on the struggle against US attacks. The porters played an important role in serving their nation. They used the Ho Chi Minhs trail in the network of roads and footpaths most heroically. They heroically carried about 25 kilos weight on their backs or about 70 kilos on their bicycles even when there was a every risk of their falling in the deep valley as the routes were very narrow and highly dangerous. Moreover, there was the danger of being shot by aircraft guns. But still they maintained the supply line. They were fully convinced that in this war of truth and false, U.S. would face defeat.(b) A Woman Soldier and the U.S. Vietnamese War. The Vietnamese women displayed indomitable courage during the US-Vietnamese War. They served as porters, nurses, construction workers and even as soldiers. They neutralized tens of thousands of bombs and shot down fifteen planes. They were undoubtedly of the view that the oppression of the U.S. Military force could not calm down their aspirations and they strongly believed that their victory over U.S. soldiers was certain.
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Evaluation of war from the point of view of women soldier.  For the women the war was certainly tragic and uneventful but this war was medium through which women proved that they are no less than their male counterparts. Women were perceived as brave soldiers who came out leaving their families. They picked up rifles and killed the enemies.  Women were not only the warriors but they even worked during the war time. Women were also seen nursing the wounded soldiers. The technically sound and rich army of the U.S. were given a tough fight by the women of Vietnam.
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