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The following section shows number of experiments performed, number of fertilizations carried out and the no.of plants involved in the study.                            1.1st experiment 60 fertilizations on 15 plants.                                                         2.2nd experiment 58 fertilizations on 10 plants.
3.3rd experiment 35 fertilizations on 10 plants.
4.4th experiment 40 fertilizations on 10 plants.
5.5th experiment 23 fertilizations on 5 plants.
6.6th experiment 34 fertilizations  on 10 plants.
7.7th experiment 37 fertilizations on 10 plants.
Mendels selected such kinds of plants that express a selected character over
 several generations . such plants according to him were pure breed for that character. mendel  did experiments with two pure breeds of peas for seed colour contrasting characters yellow(Y) and green(y). he started cross fertilizing pure breeds having contrasting characters. 
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