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Your summative assessment examinations are round the corner.The syllabus is vast.but whenever you sit down to study you are unable to concentrate as you are beset by fears.You fell you may let down your parents &your teachers who have a lot of expectations from u.Write a diary entry about your feelings in about 120 words.



                                      DIARY ENTRY
date                                                                                                      time
Today I don't think that I can sleep well, not only today may be in the coming days also. The reason for this situation is that , in my mind I think that I can't fulfill my parent's and teacher's dream on me. Because my syllabus is very vast and I don't know what to do exams are very closer to me and even now also I didn't start to study.More over I'm really feared and I can't concentrate in my studies.I don't know what  will happen if this miserable situation continues.And now in my mind there is only one target and one aim and that is I want to win my exam with with much greater marks and grade.And I will everything and anything for tomorrow onward I 'm going to study or in other words I would like to say that tomorrow onward I 'm going to start my battle , tor fulfilling my parent's and teacher's dream and expectations on me.