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The roads cleaning facilities The night watchman the proper road service sanity Dust bins in every corner proper Footpaths
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Good plantation: plants or trees along the road side and watering them every day or alternate days,

Good park: a small park - for sitting in the morning and breathing  in fresh air, for walking in the morning and in the evening, with a care taker gardener.

Play ground : for children to play

Community hall : for people to hold family functions and meetings

Library - of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, children's story books, novels

cleaning of the locality every day

dust bins every corner - big ones and regular cleaning of them - emptying of them.

mosquito spray - during the season for breeding of mosquitoes - smoke to kill the mosquitoes.

Bus stop - for the RTC buses that go by the main road

Police watching over the area in the nights - now and then visiting

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